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I’m a lazy person. No really, I am. Eventually you’ll learn this and you’ll get annoyed, I’m sure. As a lazy person, this first entry? Yeah, it’s going to be things copied & pasted and not much in the way of original content.

My best friend is running the NY Marathon in November, 2010 in order to raise money for research in epilepsy. Currently, very few options exist for those of us out there with intractable epilepsy. Basically, if you run out of medicines you get to look at surgical options. Currently the surgeries offered aren’t really great options. Hopefully that changes soon. That would be why we’re raising money.

Below is the introduction/about me section for the Epilepsy Foundation’s fundraising page we’ve set up. You can find the link here

My best friend is Meghan. Meghan has had epilepsy since year dot.
When it got bad last year I felt helpless what with the 3000mile gap between us. So wrote to Meghan one day, “I can’t be there to support you and that’s tough for me, so I will run New York Marathon for the charity which supports you”.
My challenge kind of grew from there… I’ll also run a half marathon in Nottingham in Sept (where Meghan lived for a bit), another half marathon in London on Oct (where Meghan and me went day tripping) and then head to NY for the November marathon.
I run and cycle ’til it hurts most days, but know the effort is nothing compared to the strength Megz has to carry on being her.

We are fundraising for research into epilepsy – the causes, treatment and prevention of this debilitating condition. Current treatments for epilepsy are inadequate. Far too many people do not have their seizures controlled. Many anti-epileptic drugs currently available significantly affect patients’ quality of life due to their side effects. Recent new treatment methods have a long way to go yet in optimising treatment for people with epilepsy.

The underlying causes of epilepsy are also still largely a mystery. It is not understood why some people are born with a disposition towards epilepsy and others not. It is not understood how a seizure starts in the first place, or what makes them spread. Finding more information about these phenomena may help to find new ways to tackle seizures, by developing new treatments. The only way to find new treatments is through research. There are about 50 million people with epilepsy worldwide, who all need a chance to live a life without seizures.

Scientific research is a very expensive business. It is slow and painstaking. The Epilepsy Foundation provides grants and funding oppurtunities to test new ideas and follow new research leads.

Please donate through this page, or contact Megz or me to donate via cash or cheque.

A blog will be updated a few times a week and available shortly…

Thank you!
Caroline (RunCazRun) and Meghan (Sparkly Megz)


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