Gelastic Seizures

At one point during my stay for video EEG monitoring (AKA 2 weeks in hell), my doctors had mentioned something about a different kind of seizure that I could possibly have… At the time, I was sleep deprived and half insane from being chained to a wall and having to pee with a nurse outside the door (you think I’m kidding. I’m not). I honestly thought they said something like crystal meth seizures and well, Google brought me nothing. I had searched and searched and searched and found… Nill with crystalaticseizures, crystal meth seizures. Yeah, there’s nothing.

Until recently I had somewhat forgotten about the crystal meth seizures because I thought it could have been a day dream, or a dream induced by the hottest doctor since Grey’s Anatomy. I had come across (during my OMG so bored Google searches) Gelastic Seizures. Then, it was mentioned to me by my doctor. Kind of in passing in a “what do you think?” sort of way.

What are Gelastic seizures? They have nothing to do with Jello, Jelly, Jam, or pretty much anything interesting. According to the NIH article here

Gelastic seizures are epileptic events characterized by bouts of laughter. Laughter-like vocalization is usually combined with facial contraction in the form of a smile. Autonomic features such as flushing, tachycardia, and altered respiration are widely recognized

Funny story, that sounds a lot like me. I laugh when I shouldn’t, I cry for no reason (especially after seizures/during seizures/before seizures). It’d be interesting if this was actually part of what’s wrong with me, but at the same time… Not good at all. There’s no treatment. Meds, which I’m already on, and thats about it. Surgery isn’t really an option as the part of the brain they originate from isn’t really operable. So we’ll see. It’s rare (especially in women), and it’s highly unlikely. But education never hurt anyone.


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