Today is a Good Day

Today is a good day. It’s the day that Caroline runs the New York Marathon. It’s the day that she’s been working for since January. It’s a day we thought was so far away when it was initially booked. Yet here we are, waiting for the race to officially start.

Today is a combination of happy and sad for me. I’m so happy that Caroline is in the US, running a marathon, doing what she does best, supporting her friends and running. Yet I’m sad because I can’t be there cheering her on. I suppose this is how she feels with me, I suppose this is why she’s running the marathon. She can’t be here to support me when I need it, so she’s supporting my organization. I only wish she had an organization that I could support like she is.  Still, I’m happy. I see Caroline on Tuesday, and we’ll get to do some touristy things in Roanoke (are there touristy things in Roanoke??). We’ll get to chat and be close. It’ll be like our friendship is supposed to be.

The auction has sold, we raised $172 for the Epilepsy Foundation, and our cause specifically. As soon as it actually posts it should bring us up quite a bit. The person who bought it is a coworker of mine, and despite our constant bickering, he’s a pretty decent guy.

So all in all, I’m a happy girl. Who can complain about having friends and family who are willing to go to the ends of the Earth for me. Seriously, My life… not so bad after all.

So, I really think that YOU, my dearest reader, should remember to donate. You can donate here, and show your support to not only me, but to my best friend who is willing to go to the ends of the Earth to support me.


Seizures and Stress

One of the biggest causes of my seizures: Stress. Emotional stress, physical stress, work stress, stress of any kind causes me to have seizures. The problem with stress is it isn’t a variable you can avoid. Strobe lights cause seizures? Yeah, don’t go to that rave. Problem solved. Caffeine? Don’t drink coffee. The physical variables are easy to avoid. It’s the emotional ones that cause problems.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, I was listening to a CD I had in 2003 ish. I was feeling nostalgic for the “old” music of my college years. 2003  was a hard year for me though. It was the year one of my best friends died, it was the year that the round of seizures prior to this one started. It was just… Not a good time for me. A song came on that reminded me of my friend’s death and there we went. I started crying and feeling more emotionally unstable than I have in a long time (Thank you Keppra. I love your mood swings. Can’t wait till you’re out of my life). I missed him so much I couldn’t help but sob. It felt like the first day after his loss all over again.

And that’s when things got a bit worse. I had a seizure right after I started crying (Came back to 1 song later), so I decided to turn off the music & watch TV. Stupid Geiko Gecko (those who know him will know the relation). Needless to say, it was an emotionally stressful day.

I can no longer take Ativan because of the amount of benzodiazepines I have in my system, so my security blanket is now gone. Instead I just get to sit and wait for the seizures to hit. That’s always a blast.  Needless to say I had quite a few seizures yesterday, and for as tired as I am today I think last night as well.

I’m going to make today as low stress as possible (if that’s even an option) and see how it goes.

Annnd… Here comes the commercial.

Should you like to help people like me… People who have no options but to have seizure after seizure, please give. Please think about how hard it would be to take all of the fun stuff out of your life just to live seizure free and think about how you could help them. I’m not going to say $1 could save a life, but it could help. I’m not asking for donations of $2,000 at a time… Just however much you can give. The cure may not be around while I’m alive, but it could help someone else and that’s what matters. You can donate here. You can read more about Caroline’s training for the New York Marathon in support of Epilepsy awareness here

Thanks for your time.

First Donation!

I’m so excited, I’m a bit of a dork really. We’ve gotten our first donation!

Thanks so much! Please take a look at our donations page. We need all the help we can get if we’re going to bring in the big bucks for the EF!

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