A Good Day?

I’m wondering if today will be a good day. I know that’s silly but it’s something I have to worry about. Since adding Clobazam to my regimen I’ve been tired. I sleep fitfully and it’s not a pretty thing. NOW, now I get to add another dose of Clobazam (in the morning) take away 1/2 of my Keppra intake (HURRAH!) and keep my Vimpat levels the same. Today, I’ll be either a walking zombie, asleep, or possibly perfectly OK. I’m not counting on that last one though.

I do feel sorry for my coworkers, however. When things get like this, I stop making sense and my work is so much harder to keep up with. My train of thought is never right where it’s supposed to be, and I take more notes than I ought to. It’s not to say I don’t accomplish my goals… It’s just I should be able to accomplish more than that.


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