New drug

Clobazam is a fun thing. It’s like being drunk in pill form. When I first take it, it’s like being black out drunk. Approximately 1hr after taking it, it takes everything I have to stay awake. The next morning? I’m buzzed. My nose tingles and I’m a bit giggly. Right now I’m on 10mg in the evening, next week I start 10 mg twice per day. That’s when it’ll get interesting. The whole not being able to make it to work thing. We’ll see how that goes.

Otherwise, the drug isn’t awful. I’m not seeing some of the initial side effects like I have with many others. Tiredness, on a whole is not a miserable thing to suffer through. Drunkeness? Well people spend lots of money for that sort of thing. I’m still having seizures. I’d like to say they’ve slowed down some, but not yet. That’s fairly normal for adding a new drug. Nothing stabilizes quickly.

I do know, however, it’s not a cure. It’ll only last, at best, a few years. Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky few that this helps until we figure out something else to do.

As always, remember to donate. You can find the information to your right on this page. We need more treatment options. It’s not fair for anyone in this world to have to suffer through “well, being miserable is better than having a seizure”. That’s not a good way to live.


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