Illegal Drugs!

My drugs from Canada are here. In order to prevent the pills from getting seized at customs, it had a nice letter written by my doctor…

To whom it may concern:
Ms. J is being followed by the Johns Hopkins Department of Neurology for the diagnosis of intractable epilepsy – complex partial seizures. She is currently being managed with medications. She has failed more than eight medications and is currently on Keppra and Vimpat. Despite these medications she is still having break through seizures. I am prescribing clobazam to her medication regime.

Any further questions yadayadayada

Dr B

Apparently the major loophole we’re jumping through is that the FDA & customs allow drugs through if they’re unavailable in the US and shown to be of major assistance to those unlucky sods who have nothing else available to them. There are several pieces of paper all confirming the same that this drug ISN’T available in the US and I really really need it.

I’ve taken dose 1 and I’ve no idea how I’ll react to it. I guess I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.


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