The craziness!

This weekend has been a mad dash to the finish. Of what? Of nothing. It’s just been insanely not busy. I helped some friends out by pet sitting. 3 dogs (plus mine) and one cat who was easy to care for, but pretty much hates your existence. Unless you’re feeding him. Then he’s cool.

Staying at someone else’s house is always fun. I enjoy seeing how other people live and watch how they do things. I’m similar to an anthropologist in that regard. But it always seems a bit different to me. I have to remember to take my meds, at the same time if possible, every day. When out of your normal routine, it is not as easy as it would be at home. The normalcy of my life is difficult to maintain, which makes seizures more likely.

I will write more soon enough. But for now, I really need to sleep. I have a work day tomorrow, followed by sleeping in a co-worker’s guest room, followed by a crazy train journey to Baltimore, MD. Hurray for lots of things going on!


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